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Truck Driving School Graduate Alexander Ford: January 2005



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Alexander Ford Dropped by the school a few weeks back to show off his truck and say hello to his instructors. We sat down with him and chatted a spell. Alexander graduated from National Truck Drivers School back in March of 2002. He has been driving for Tap Enterprises / Bob Cummins Enterprises ever since. Tap Enterprises distributes hand tools, power tools, air tools, and air compressors throughout the US. Tap Enterprises also operates nine retail outlets in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Illinois. Tap Enterprises was founded by president Bob Cummins in 1977.

Before Alexander went to work for Tap Enterprises, he worked in a warehouse loading and unloading. He also was employed in the Agriculture, Plastics, and Glass Shop as a delivery driver. He soon realized that was a dead end with little opportunity to grow. With his interest in truck driving he called a local recruiter with Swift Transportation. Swift advised him that he would need professional training and recommended National Truck Drivers School.

Alexander contacted us and soon he was on his way to a career in truck driving. While with us, Alexander struggled during the backing lessons. To earn a CDL one must be able to back a tractor-trailer into an alley dock. This can be intimidating at first, however; Alexander was given ample time to practice and he did succeed in this challenge.

Before graduation, Alexander was given three job offers with reputable trucking firms, all paying competitive wages and benefit packages. Alexander went with for Tap Enterprises / Bob Cummins Enterprises because he liked what they had to say. Now, he is happy to report that he doubled his income in the first year alone. Alexander strongly recommends truck driving as a career. He loves it! He especially loves the scenery he sees while traveling over the road. The pay isn’t bad either!

We are glad that we could jump start a career for Alexander and we are proud to honor him with the First Graduate of the Month for 2005.

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