Truck Driving School Graduates Gilbert and Rita Nichols: December 2004



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Gilbert and Rita Nichols graduated from National Truck Drivers School in February of 2003. They attended school together and took advantage of a great discount plan offered by National to spouses. Simply stated, if one attends at the regular price, the spouse can attend for half price. The Nichols truly enjoy being with each other and they love traveling. Trucking is a perfect career for them.

Both Gilbert and Rita completed the home study phase without any problems. They were able to keep their jobs while carrying out this portion of the course. Jobs they were sick off. “Driving a city bus can make you crazy over time.” While the New Smyrna area is a couple bus drivers short, the trucking industry has gained a productive husband and wife team.

Gilbert and Rita were given 3 job offers each by long haul trucking companies before they graduated. C.R. England is the lucky employer of these two. They chose C.R. England because they liked the pay and benefits package as well as the location of the office. CR England Trucking is dedicated to meeting trucking and shipping needs, with over 2,600 trucks and over 4,000 refrigerated trailers serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The Nichol chose National truck Drivers School for several reasons. We are “just up the road from Smyrna.” The most important reason for choosing us was “Overall, they provided a better training area and staff than the competition.” We appreciate the compliment. Our training staff was able to provide individual attention to Gilbert and Rita. Rita struggled some when it came to backing up the big rig. She practiced on the backing pad with expert tutoring until she got it. Gilbert had his challenges with the paperwork associated with trucking. Specifically, the log book was an obstacle he overcame with the extra help from the training staff.

When these two are not delivering the goods over the vast American highway system, the like to take the sail boat out. New Smyrna is perfectly suited for a marine lifestyle. There other love is seeing new places and meeting people from across the country. Trucking is the ideal method to accomplish that goal. Not only do they have the opportunity to do what they truly love to do, they are well compensated for it too!

We here at National Truck Drivers School are very proud of Gilbert and Rita Nichols. They are a committed and loving couple. They are a positive asset to the trucking industry. And, they are our Graduates of the Month for December 2004.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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