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Truck Driving School Graduate Robert R Ravago: October 2004



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The gentleman above with the ear-to-ear grin is one of our more recent graduates. This is Mr. Robert R Ravago. Robert is a Jacksonville resident and just graduated from National truck Drivers School this past June. Prior to being a graduate, Robert tried his hand at many career fields. He mostly worked at home processing mortgages and bankruptcies. He really didn’t enjoy that much even though he was good at it. He also spent time in retail sales and grading papers for college mathematics teachers. All these jobs had one thing in common that was killing Robert’s spirit – the indoors.

Robert wanted to be outside, have some adventures, see the country, and have someone pay him to do it. Robert decided to respond to a local television ad for National Truck Drivers School. He chose us for some obvious reasons; mainly we were close to his home. But, there are 16 truck schools in Florida. So why did Robert pick us? Robert decided on National Truck Drivers School because of our reputation, quality of instruction, and quality of our equipment. Not to mention a mile and a quarter private track, third party testers, and the helpfulness of great instructors.

While Robert was in training he experienced very few problems. It seems, Robert was born to be a trucker. While most students struggle with shifting, backing, or log books, Robert’s challenge was remembering all the items required for a pre-trip inspection. These pre-trip inspections are taken quite seriously by the CDL examiners. Robert asked for and received some extra coaching on the inspections. We are happy to say that Robert did just fine and he passed all phases of his CDL exam with flying colors!

Robert had the distinct opportunity of choosing between three job offers when he completed the training. He decided on U.S. Xpress Enterprises. U.S. Xpress Enterprises is recognized as a leader in service and technology. Industry-leading equipment and technology enable them to differentiate themselves from other transportation companies while creating many competitive advantages for their customers. With Anti-Collision Avoidance Systems and Auto-Shift Transmissions as a standard, U.S. Xpress Enterprises is delivering the latest safety advances for their drivers and customers. Every over-the-road vehicle is equipped with two-way satellite communications systems that are fully integrated with the operating systems of the truck. Besides all of those perks, U.S. Xpress was able to lure Robert with great pay, benefits, and a helpful and friendly staff.

Robert was able to realize a life long goal and get out of the house too! He now enjoys seeing the country and meeting new people from all walks of life. When not behind the wheel, Robert enjoys a lively game of chess or wetting a worm at his favorite fishing hole. We are proud of Robert and we are grateful he came to us. Robert is a superlative testimony to what trucking can do for you. If you ever see Robert runnin’ the highways or outwitting a bass, ask him about his life. You will be pleasantly rewarded for your effort.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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