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Truck Driving School Graduate Lisa Fisko: July 2004



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to announce that after seven years Ms. Lisa Fisko has made it! She is our July Graduate of the Month. We honor her and enlist her help to encourage more women into trucking. Lisa is pictured her with her husband. He also is a licensed commercial vehicle operator. In fact, these two are a successful and profitable husband and wife team. They earn their keep by driving for Swift.

Swift Transportation is now the nation’s largest publicly-held truckload carrier, operating over 38 terminals in 27 states and generating annual revenues over $2.5 Billion. Swift was founded in 1965, and has grown at an average rate of 23% per year since 1985. Swift’s success has come through the integrity and dedication of the professional drivers and Owner Operators that deliver at an astonishing 98.9% on-time rate. Once you are qualified as a Swift solo driver, you may bring your spouse, roommate or child with you. Drivers are also allowed to bring a dog or cat with them if they post a security deposit.

Lisa was a financial administrator prior to pursuing a trucking career. She fell out of love with the office, the computers, the office politics, and took a leap toward a Class A CDL. To help her achieve that goal, National Truck Drivers School was there. She chose us based on our reputation. But, don’t believe her. Check it out for yourselves. Ms. Fisko did struggle some with the challenges of “Alley Docking.” A couple of pylons bit the dust and the rest of the alley docking pylons wished they had stayed home. But after some practice, Lisa was a pro and ready to move on.

When not behind the wheel, Lisa enjoys all manner of sports and she loves to cook. Mr. Lisa is a lucky man. But, her first love is the open road. Lisa enjoys being able to see this great country of ours and have someone else pay the tab.

We are grateful for Lisa. She has shown through her actions and words that trucking is every bit for women as well as men. So, come on gals, pick up the phone and give National a call, and thank Lisa for being our graduate of the Month for July 2004.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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