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Truck Driving School Graduate John Thomas: August 2004



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John Thomas retired from the Navy after a very successful career. He did not want to sit around and wait for his check. He certainly could have; he earned it! John still wanted to participate in life and take advantage of it’s offerings. Anyone who has retired from the military knows that the retired pay will not pay for that. John tried his hand at security work shortly after his military service. Not only did he not enjoy it, he could not understand why people would place their life in jeopardy for so little cash. So Mr. Thomas gave us a call a couple years ago to see if we could help him fulfill a dream. John graduated with distinction from National Truck Drivers School back in May of 2001.

We asked John to share his reasons and experiences about trucking with us. John told us that there are not many good job opportunities for 55 year old men that want to work. He continued to tell us that he has always loved to travel and wanted to get paid for doing it. Since his number one hobby is sight seeing, this is a perfect second career for John. It was a slam dunk when we asked him what he enjoyed most about trucking. He simply smiled and said “the travel”.

Before John could hit the open road, he needed training and a Class A license. To get these things, John enlisted our services. He chose National Truck Drivers School because of the special financing available for Vets, and our “Course and Track”.

John liked the idea of his first experience operating an eighteen wheeler would be on a 1.25 mile private track. No traffic, no pressure, and no civilians to get in the way, are all advantages National has over the competition. John fought some with the super 8 and 10 speed transmissions, but with the private track and great instructors, he hit the streets with that skill mastered.

John signed on with Werner Enterprises after graduation. He went with Werner because he was impressed with their professionalism. The pay isn’t bad either! He could have chosen any one of eight job offers. John received so many offers due his grades in school and his attitude. It’s his attitude that has earned him the distinction of Graduate of the Month for August 2004.

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