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Truck Driving School Graduate Jim Hill: September 2004



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Ladies and gentlemen, please meet another success story. This is Jim Hill. Jim is from Ocala Florida. Jim joined the navy as a teenager and served with honor for over 20 years. His Naval career ended in 1997 with his retirement. Jim was too young to really retire, but he was faced with a dilemma. Jim was not ready to sit on the porch and watch the world go by, nor did he have the money to do so. Jim wanted to work and needed to as well.

Jim looked seriously at driving a truck for fun and profit. He strived to not only obtain a class A CDL, he also wanted to be an owner/operator. His Navy career may have given him the discipline and study skills required to complete our course, but he did need to master shifting. The 8 and 10 speed transmissions did pose a challenging problem for Jim. He worked very hard to master shifting while with us. He knew he would someday own his own truck and did not want to replace transmissions frequently. Jim did indeed learn the techniques required to shift the big rig gear box.

After graduation, Jim was offered over 5 jobs by trucking companies. He focused on just one. He went with Werner because of their benefits, pay, and the opportunity to buy and operate his own truck through them. Jim now enjoys the traveling across the country, meeting new people, and making some serious money. He also is now an owner/operator. Whenever the opportunity presents itself on the road, Jim likes to visit the amusement parks in the different states he travels through.

Because Jim is from Florida, he had many truck schools to choose from. He could have chosen us because we are the only school that is approved by the VA and DANTES. He may have picked us because we are the only school that is accredited by the DETC. He might have decided on us because of our home study course that better prepared him for Resident Training. Or, he may have chosen National Truck Drivers School simply because of the cost. (We are very competitive!) All good reasons, but Jim chose us because “The staff is very understanding and really cares about us becoming truck drivers.”

We thank Jim for his kind words and encourage you to wave to the Werner trucks on the road. One of them belongs to Jim. Say high for us!

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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