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Truck Driving School Graduate Ian Bostocky: November 2004



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Ian Bostocky graduated from National Truck Drivers School a little over a year ago in April of 2003. Ian managed a Dominoes Pizza shop before coming to his senses. He realized that franchises like Dominoes require a tremendous amount of work and personal sacrifice with no guarantee of success. Ian also worked in other fast food arenas that helped him become conscious of the fact a new career was needed.

Ian enrolled with National truck Drivers School because he heard we were accredited. He also was informed about our crack staff of seasoned instructors. Ian sailed through the Resident Training with only minor struggles with shifting the Super-8 and Super-10 transmissions. He was afforded extra time for practice and mastered the skill to earn his Class A CDL.

Armed with his new license and on the door step of a new, promising career, Ian plied his wares with Southern Cal Transport, Inc., Eagle Motor Lines Division. Eagle Motor Lines Division of Southern Cal Transport, Inc. is a regional dry van carrier operating primarily from the Northeast and Southeast to Florida. Secondary services are available to the Dallas, TX area and select areas in Ohio and Oklahoma. Eagle Motor Lines operates 155 power units with solo drivers and 450 trailers. All power units are equipped with mobile communication units for tracking and immediate communication. Eagle Motor Lines has a service level at the cutting edge of performance. They offer a very competitive rate schedule and pride themselves in keeping the promise of delivering the customer’s load on time.

Ian loves being a trucker. He is especially stoked about no one looking over his shoulder. He likes the scenery, and of course, the money. Ian told us that he would recommend National Truck Drivers School and trucking in general.

We are grateful for the endorsement and humbly award Ian our coveted Graduate of the Month for November 2004.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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