Truck Driving School Graduate Brian Miller: January 2004



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Because National Training has a large archive of graduates the graduate of the month selection committee tries to make sure that students from the past are given a fair shot at the award. For this month we reached back into our archives and selected Brian Miller from Jacksonville, Florida.

Brian graduated from National Truck Driver’s School on March 26th, 1999. Prior to attending National Training, Brian used to work in sales, collections and in banking. Brian decided it was time for a career change when he learned the trucking industry provided excellent pay and many fine opportunities. Because of our reputation, our excellent curriculum, our staff and our 350 acre training facility Brian chose us… thank you Brian.

Mentioned many times in the past by former students our program is challenging. Our program brings a person to the next level. When a person graduates our program a sense of pride and accomplishment can be seen on their faces. During Brian’s training he mentioned the hardest part of the program was learning to relax and perform the backing maneuvers required during training. Our instructors know the students can get a little nervous and will work with a student and show them they have the skills and knowledge to complete their tasks safely and confidently. Brian is no exception. He proved to himself that he could do it… and did it with flying colors.

Our training staff is the best and each of the instructors pride themselves on their abilities to train someone to operate these big rigs no matter what the situation. Our instructors know how to get a student to relax and will work with them until they get the task down pat. Our instructors don’t believe in failure and have a knack for getting people to believe in their abilities.

In addition to the money and opportunity that attracted Brian to the trucking industry, he learned that driving a truck offered the freedom and independence he wanted in a job. He has no boss standing over his shoulder and he has a sense of peace that comes from relaxing in the driver’s seat and getting the best view anyone can have of this great country of ours. Many of us wish we had time to travel and see the country but we just can’t find the time or the money to do so when we want to. Brian’s job allows him to travel… and he gets paid very well to do it. The trucking industry is one of the hidden gems in the job industry that is often overlooked. Brian found this hidden gem and is reaping the rewards.

Currently Brian is employed by Lester Coggins Trucking, Inc. (LCT transportation). The decision to work for LCT wasn’t an easy one for Brian. Before Brian graduated from our school he had a total of 5 trucking companies offering him a chance to come and work for them. Brian chose LCT because they have a terminal close to his home, offered him great pay with excellent benefits and the equipment LCT uses is top notch. In fact, LCT’s current fleet of company owned tractor-trailers are all less than 4 years old. LCT prides themselves on their ability to deliver perishable goods on time and in excellent condition. They couldn’t have chosen a better person to help maintain their standard of excellence.

When Brian is not behind the wheel he spends his time and new found wealth with his family and enjoying his hobby of playing various water sports. We are happy for Brian and wish him and his family the best in their future. We want to thank Brian for choosing our school and allowing us the privilege to provide his training. Our instructors do remember Brian and have had nothing but good things to say about him.

From all of us at National Training, congratulations Brian, you are National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for January 2004. You deserve it.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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