Truck Driving School Graduates Melvin and Caryn Boyd: September 2003



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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, husbands and wives, National Training is pleased to introduce Mr. And Mrs. Boyd from Belleview, Florida. They both attended National Truck Drivers School back in 2000. They took advantage of the “Husband and Wife” program offered to married couples. Basically, how this program works is simple. One mate pays the regular tuition; the spouse only pays 50%. This program provides a tremendous opportunity for a husband and wife to train and work together. The benefits are obvious. Truck drivers and military members both have a reoccurring complaint of having to spend too much time away from their spouses. National Truck Drivers School assists to help eliminate that complaint.

Prior to embarking on their careers, Melvin and Caryn tried a variety of jobs. Each felt a peculiar emptiness with the work they were doing. They knew that the jobs they had chosen did not offer much in the way of security or longevity. After deliberation and late-night talks, they decided to take the plunge and give trucking a try. It’s a decision neither one has regretted. When asked why they chose us, they responded with “ We liked the price break we got on the tuition. Plus, we talked with people in trucking before coming to National and they said really good things about the school.”

Melvin and Caryn had little trouble completing the distance learning portion or the residence-training portion of the training. Melvin did struggle some when first introduced to dock backing; while Caryn was nervous when the instructors were watching her. They both overcame these difficulties and graduated near the top of the class. They received multiple job offers but decided to take Swift Transportation’s offer.

Swift is the nation’s third largest publicly held truckload carrier and was founded in 1965. It has grown at an average rate of 28% per year since 1985 . Swift operates 35 terminals in 24 states and Mexico. Their revenue topped $1 Billion for the first time in 1999, and has one of the industry’s best on-time delivery rates at 98.9%. Swift also provides Internet Tracking and Load Tendering to its drivers. Swift offers tuition reimbursement up to $5,000 and provides an Apprentice Program for inexperienced drivers. You can see why the Boyds took Swift’s offer.

When not taking turns delivering a load and seeing this great country of ours, the Boyds do enjoy a myriad of pastimes. They take pleasure in paint-ball games, fishing, and NASCAR racing.

We are always delighted to help couples get a start in trucking. We take great pride in knowing that we helped Melvin and Caryn Boyd to be together while earning some serious cash. We are also grateful that they chose us to start ‘em off right.

Melvin and Caryn , You are the National Truck Drivers School Graduates of the Month for September 2003

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