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Truck Driving School Graduate Roy Haddock: May 2003



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Roy Haddock graduated from National Truck Drivers School last October. When he departed from us he left with zero job offers. This was not because trucking companies didn’t want him. Nor, was it because Roy had a horrible driving record. From the minute Roy arrived at training, he wanted to be an “Independent Trucker.” An independent trucker is truly his own boss.

Roy was a welder and a mechanic for a while but knew he could make more money and have a lot more fun making it by being a trucker. Roy had a friend that needed a driver and promised him work if he completed school. So, that’s exactly what he did. Roy now drives an auto-transport for Ronnie’s Auto Mart in Jacksonville Florida. He is doing something he loves, while making enough money to buy the truck outright.

When not driving his truck, Roy enjoys watching other people drive… very fast. Roy is a drag racing enthusiast and can be seen at the Gainesville Winternationals or anywhere else a drag race might be happening.

While in training Roy sailed though the more challenging elements of the course. Backing into a loading dock or mastering the Super Ten transmission posed no problems for him. He did however; struggle a bit with the logbook. With our instructional staff always willing to assist, he mastered the logs too. We asked Roy why he chose National Truck Drivers School for his training. He told us “You’re the best around!” We agree, but we’re a bit biased. You should come see for yourself and take a free test drive. We thank Roy for his kind comments. We also asked him what he liked most about being a trucker and he simply said, “more money, less work.”

We are proud of Roy’s successes and we hope he continues to succeed in his goals. With the solid training he received and his determination, we know he’ll be a winner. Thanks Roy for letting us help you do what you love to do. You are the National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for May 2003.

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