Truck Driving School Graduate Nick Vandenbrouche: July 2003



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to introduce you to a friend and alumnus. Please meet Nick Vandenbrouche. Nick graduated a while back but came by to vist and show off his truck. We like that! We took the opportunity to snap a photo and ask him a few questions.

Before Nick made the decision that would change his life and career path, he was a sailor in the U.S. Navy. After his time in the Navy was done, he gave bartending a try. He soon discovered that being a mixologist, psychologist, and responsible for preventing or ejecting undesirable people from his establishment, was not as healthy or glamorous as the movies made it out to be. With a single phone call to us, Nick was on his way out of the bars for ever.

Nick was able to use his Veterans eligibility to help with the training costs and he was soon diligently completing his home study portion of the training. With his home study lessons complete, he was well prepared for the Resident Training portion. He sailed through the three weeks of training without any trouble. Nick was challenged a bit by the dreaded “backing pad.” Nick, like most students, found backing 70 feet of tractor-trailer into a space only slightly larger than the truck a stimulating test of their abilities. The transmissions in the rigs and backing are the two biggest stressors our students face. The training staff is fully cognizant of the angst the students feel. They provide ample practice for both these skills to be developed. Nick did acquire a mastery of backing and received 8 job offers prior to his graduation.

Nick accepted an offer from Arrow Trucking. From its corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arrow Trucking now operates 1,350 tractors and 2,900 trailers, with terminals in five states. As the largest state-based trucking company operating in Oklahoma, Arrow maintains Interstate Commerce Commission permits to transport general commodities throughout the 48 contiguous United States and into Canada with line haul and regional fleets. Besides all that, Nick just likes Arrow all the way around.

Nick loves his job, but does not drive 24/7. He also enjoys mountain biking as a form of exercise and a method of removing excess skin from his knees. When his leisure activities are more sedentary, he likes to watch the Gators football team obliterate the opposing teams. Some of us here are Seminole fans and are fundamentally conflicted with Nick being a Gator! That not withstanding, we are still happy for him and proud he has a career he loves. We are especially proud that he chose us to start him out right! Nick was exceedingly pleased with our instructors and says “You’ll be pleased too.” “All you got to do is do it.” He is of course speaking of National Truck Drivers School.

Nick you have earned the right to be our graduate of the month for July 2003.

Graduates of the Month for June 2001.

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