Truck Driving School Graduate Jeannette C Sares: February 2003



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National Truck Drivers School has the honor and privilege of introducing you to a special graduate. Her name is Jeannette C Sares. Jeannette Graduated from our truck driver training course a few years go, but her story is timeless.

Jeannette had a successful career as a Licensed Practical Nurse prior to entering the trucking profession. She was a good nurse, but was driven out of the field by the lack of respect given LPNs not to mention the low pay and pathetic working hours. Nurses rarely spend a weekend or holiday at home. Jeannette won’t even discuss malpractice insurance for nurses and the rising costs associated with it. Sadly, for the medical community, Jeannette left nursing and tried her hand at driving a tow truck. She found that she loved driving a truck and wanted to take it to the next level. So, Jeannette gave us a call.

Jeannette did not have an easy time getting enrolled with us. Ms. Sares explained that “They had to work hard to get me started in school.” What Jeannette means is that National Truck Drivers School staff went out of our their to assist her in solving logistic and financial issues related to Resident Training. There can sometimes be many challenges associated with coming here for three weeks. She cleared all hurdles with style and grace. Before she completed her time in school, Jeannette was offered several positions with trucking companies. She chose to sign on with CFI.

Contract Freighters, Inc. (CFI) has evolved into North America’s premier truckload carrier by routinely delivering over 50 years of absolute customer satisfaction. CFI has grown from two tractors and trailers to an extensive international air-ride fleet including over 2,000 tractors and 6,000 trailers.

By choosing CFI, Jeannette benefited from:

  • The industry’s most modern and well-maintained fleet of equipment.
  • 100% air-ride fleet that provides maximum freight protection and reliability.
  • @Track Communications mobile communication system.
  • Instant access to freight location and scheduling.
  • Sophisticated just-in-time delivery systems and procedures.
  • Rolling ETA® continually monitors on-time status.
  • Proactive “management by exception” that virtually eliminates service failures.

By opting for CFI, she chose a trucking company that “Takes good care of me.” She told us that she loves the traveling and especially the money. “I get good money with very little stress, it’s not like nursing at all!” Now Jeannette can spend time at home when she wants to. She is no longer bound to a hospital work schedule. She enjoys a great deal of freedom that comes with a career in trucking. We asked her if she would recommend trucking and National Truck Drivers School to others and she simply replied, “Absolutely.”

Jeannette you make us proud! You are our Graduate of the Month for February 2003.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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