Truck Driving School Graduate Fenton J Hadley: October 2003



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National g the training FentoTruck Drivers’ School is pleased to introduce you to this month’s distinguished graduate. Please give a warm round of applause to Fenton J Hadley of Gainesville, Florida. Fenton graduated from National Truck Drivers School in September of 2001. Before attendinn had tried his hand at many careers.

Fenton worked at Wal-Mart in retail point of sales. Although Wal-Mart is a fine company, Fenton wanted more of a challenge. He had natural skills in fiber glassing and made a go of that. He repaired boats and worked as a laminator. Once again, working with fiber glass is honorable, but it did not keep Fenton Satisfied. He moved on to truss building. Truss construction is critical to all bridge design and can be rewarding. Fenton was still not happy. He could not shake his long-time goal and dreams of driving a truck on the open roads.

With dreams in hand, Fenton enrolled with National truck Drivers School. He was able to complete all of the distance learning requirements while keeping his present job. When he had completed his lessons, he began resident training at our 400 acre facility in Green Cove Springs. He sailed through the training with the help of professional, road wise instructors. The only real difficulty Fenton experienced was the alley dock. All students are required to master backing up the rigs into a simulated loading dock. This maneuver is quite intimidating the first few times it is attempted. Fenton was given lots of practice and guidance from the staff. He did master the dreaded alley docking maneuver and performs it like a seasoned veteran.

Before his training was complete Fenton was offered driving positions with 6 deferent trucking companies. After careful consideration of the offers, Fenton chose to sign on with Werner Enterprises. Werner Enterprises is a truckload motor carrier of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. Werner is among the five largest truckload carriers in the United States and maintains its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, near the center of its service area with service terminals throughout the country. The company operates throughout the 48 contiguous states and also portions of Canada and provides through trailer service in and out of Mexico.

When Fenton came back to visit with his new truck we snapped a photo and asked him some questions. We asked him why he chose Werner. He told us that of the 6 offers, they had the best overall benefits package. We also asked Fenton why he chose National truck Drivers School to provide him with the training he needed. He explained emphatically that National was able to deliver on it’s promises while others could not. He went on to make clear that he recommends truck driving as a great career. “You will enjoy every bit of it!” “I tell everyone I meet about National Truck Drivers School.”

We appreciate Fenton’s statements and we are grateful for them. National truck Drivers School proudly bestows Graduate of the Month Honors on Fenton J. Hadley.

Fenton, you are National Truck Drivers School graduate of the Month for October 2003.

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