Truck Driving School Graduate Darren Green: June 2003



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How does a 28 year old come to the decision to make trucking a career? Let’s review. First, the job he currently holds has absolutely zero potential for advancement. It also offers no benefits to speak of. Secondly, the current job is killing him spiritually, because he’s not happy. Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed and report to work. Does that sound familiar? If so, read Darren Green’s story.

Darren Green spent time in the Navy as an equipment operator. He did enjoy the Navy, but the deployments were rough on the family. The Fighting C.B.’s are notorious for slow promotions in the Equipment Operator rating. This fact also had an influence on Darren’s decision to leave the Navy and make trucking a career. Prior to his enlistment, Darren did some upholstery work. He wasn’t too fond of that revenue producing possibility either.

Darren has always loved to drive and is comfortable with big rigs. He was smart to realize that the foundation for any career starts with training. So, Darren gave National Truck Drivers School a call to see what we could offer him. We explained our program to him as well as the Veteran’s benefits he was entitled to apply toward the training. Darren liked what the school presented to him. He “enlisted” with National Truck Drivers School and graduated back in April of 1995. His tour of duty with us was not without its personal contests. Darren worked extra hard to overcome the challenge that the backing pad presented him. “It certainly is different that backing a bulldozer or back-hoe.” He did succeed and went on to a faultless graduation. He was such an impressive student that seven employers wanted him. Multiple job offers for our graduates is common, but seven or more is a bit out of the ordinary.

Darren chose Werner Enterprises to start his career because of their excellent benefits package and salary considerations. Darren was also offered regional work as opposed to over-the-road driving. He also enjoys being at home with his wife Karen and daughter Katrina. Regional operations did afford him more time with the family. Besides spending time with these two lovely ladies, Darren enjoys sitting down to enjoy a NASCAR event on the tube. He is also active in his church.

Most 28-year-old males are not real clear on what they want out of life. Some are content to bag groceries or play Nintendo. At 28, Darren has already given three career fields a chance and has chosen trucking as the best way of providing for his family while enjoying life to the fullest. No one knows if trucking will be the career that Darren retires from. What we do know is that, for as long as Darren wants it, Trucking will be there for him. We are confident that Darren will be a trucker for the foreseeable future. He drops in every once in a while to show off a new truck and kibitz with the staff.

We are pleased to have Darren as an alumnus and are proud to award him the Graduate of the Month honors for June 2003.

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