Truck Driving School Graduate William Kersey: October 2002



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to present Mr. William Kersey from Ocala Florida. William graduated from National last January and is now gainfully employed by Oakley Transport, Inc.

Oakley Transport, Inc is dedicated to specializing in the transport of bulk liquid foodstuffs and related products including wines and alcoholic beverages throughout the United States and Canada. They hire only qualified drivers and then supplement their skills with an ongoing training program that includes a mobile safety training trailer and an incentive program designed to enhance efficiency and safety awareness. Oakley devotes a maximum effort and significant company resources to Safety and Loss Prevention procedures.

Prior to attending training, William was a straight truck driver, cook, and construction worker. All fine professions in their own right, but not noted for high pay or tremendous benefit packages. William was suffering from “burn-out” knowing that his hard work was getting him no where fast. When he enrolled in our training William was convinced he needed to get on a career track with a future. We are grateful we were here to assist in the development of the track.

When William came to Resident Training he was eager and able. He did struggle some with backing these rigs, but did eventually excel at this skill. Before his training was completed, William received six job offers and did choose Oakley Transport, Inc. William chose them due to the pay and location. Oakley Transport has a terminal near his home.

William informed us that he chose National Truck Drivers School because of our value and “I heard you were a good school.” Yes we are thank you. We selected William as our graduate of the month because he is a shinning example of what can be accomplished, at any age. At 42 years of age, most folk are too afraid to take the risks William did. We are proud of William’s decision and his courage.

For those reasons, we are proclaiming William R. Kersey as our Graduate of the month for October 2002.

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