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Truck Driving School Graduate Tim Modlin: May 2002



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National Truck Drivers School wants to introduce you to Tim Modlin. Tim graduated from our school a while ago, back in August of 1999. Tim was looking to improve his station in life simply because he was tired of working construction. He had also been moderately successful as a tow truck driver. He did enjoy the tow truck career, but it did leave him wanting for more.

When Tim came to National Truck Drivers School, he was very prepared for the training that lay ahead. Tim had deftly completed the distance-learning portion of the training prior to his arrival. He was chocked full of theoretical knowledge concerning all aspects of the trucking profession. This feat enabled him to be in the truck the first day of training. As the training progressed over the next three weeks, Tim became more skilled and confident. He struggled some when he tried to back the trucks up into loading docks. With great instructors, ample practice, and Tim’s desire, he managed to conquer that challenge too.

Tim developed his skill set so well that he received 15 job offers from trucking companies as he neared graduation day. Surprisingly, Tim turned them all down. Tim has the distinctive handle of “Independent Trucker.” Tim works for himself. He used a nest egg he had saved along with a sympathetic banker’s generosity and purchased a used tractor-trailer. Now he delivers the goods when he wants to. He shared with us that his favorite thing about his trucking career is “The 24/7 road trip.” A road trip that pays him! Tim told us that his favorite hobby is “looking at trucks that I can’t afford.” We are confident that if Tim keeps doing what he’s doing, he will be able to afford the truck of his choice.

We have tremendous respect for Tim. He took huge risk in pursuit of his dream. Today and every day, he lives the dream. We thank Tim for his love of trucking and we gleefully award him…

Graduate of the Month for May 2002.

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