Truck Driving School Graduate Steven Losey: February 2002



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Steven Losey is a local boy. He lives in Middleburg, FL. Middleburg is about 20 miles from National’s Training Grounds in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Stephen went through 160 hours of resident training in three weeks time that prepared him for a career in Trucking as a professional truck driver. Before Steven arrived in Green Cove for Resident Training, he completed approximately 174 hours of course work at home. This course work all but eliminated classroom time at the Training Grounds. Steven found himself in the trucks, driving his first day.

During the resident training, Steven not only learned how to drive these big rigs, he learned much more. Point a to point b is nice, but one still must be able to couple and uncouple the tractor, back into a loading dock, parallel park, fill out log books, and many other skills required to be a safe efficient operator. Steven did very well with all the training elements. Steven was nervous and anxious when he arrived. His biggest challenge during the training was learning to relax. Our super star staff quickly put Steven at ease and he cruised through the training.

Steven is married to Christina and they have two children, Jonathan and Emilly. Before coming to National, Steven was a Sailor in the U.S. Navy. Although he loved the Navy, Steven was ready for a change. So, before his time was up, he sought out a career and instruction to get him there. Fortunately, National Truck Drivers School is approved for Veterans and Tuition Assistance. We asked him why National? “National truck Drivers School has the best reputation for quality students,” he said. After his training at National was complete, he selected Marten Transport, LTD. Out of five job offers. He chose Marten because of the pay, benefits, and trucks.

Marten Transport, Ltd is headquartered in Mondovi, Wisconsin. They strive to be the premium supplier of time and temperature – sensitive transportation services to customers nationwide. Roger Marten founded Marten Transport in 1946 at the age of 17, delivering milk and other dairy products. His routes at that time were primarily in the Modena, Wisconsin area where Roger was born and raised. Driving for the Modena Co-op Creamery, Roger purchased his first truck route with a $400 loan from his mother. In the 1950’s he expanded his milk delivery routes, purchased and drove school buses, and hauled petroleum products with his first tractor-trailer. Marten Transport, Ltd. has grown from a small, regional carrier to one of today’s leading national protective service transportation companies. With terminals in Wisconsin, Georgia, California and Oregon, Marten now serves a number of Fortune 500 companies, and employs more than 2,000 people.

On one of Steven’s trips he stopped in to visit and show off his truck. He told us he loved being a trucker, especially the “freedom of no one looking over your shoulder all the time.” “I really like waking up in a different place every day. I would recommend this career field absolutely, more than ever with all the changes for the good that have happened in this industry.”

We thank Steven for his kind words and are grateful he chose us for his training. We wish him continued success in the trucking industry.

Steven, you are National Truck Drivers School’s…

Graduate of the Month for February 2002.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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