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Truck Driving School Graduate Michael Shahan: June 2002



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National Truck Drivers School has the distinct pleasure of introducing Mr. Michael Shahan. Mike lives in Interlachen Florida and graduated from our school in November of 2001. Prior to attending truck driver training, Mike tried his hand at being a welder and pipe fitter. He also held jobs operating a forklift and bowling alley maintenance technician. These jobs lacked two important elements for Michael. They were just jobs, not careers, and they presented little challenge or excitement for him. “I got sick and tired of working and sweating for nothing.”

While Michael attended training, we asked him if he struggled with anything. We expected him to tell us that shifting or backing was a challenge. He told us his biggest struggle was getting up at 5:00 AM to make it to school on time. Our instructors are good, but they couldn’t help with that problem.

Before Michael graduated he had six job offers on the table to choose from. After weighing the pro’s and con’s of each offer he chose Swift. Swift representatives were quoted as saying “Our goal is to provide every driver with A Better Job…A Better Life by directing focus on respect for the individual, reasonable time at home, an opportunity for adequate income, quality benefits and a plan for retirement.” How can you say no to that. Mike said that Swift had the best home time policy of all the offers he entertained.

When Michael is not on the road he enjoys trap shooting. Trap Shooting is shooting with a shotgun at clay disks (called pigeons) sprung from a trap into the air away from the shooter. It’s very challenging and clay pigeons are not an endangered species. Mike also enjoys spending time with his wife Sheila and their kids Rebecca and Kevin.

Now that Michael is well on his way to a rewarding and prosperous career, we asked him why he chose National Truck Drivers School to get him on the road. He explained to us that National Truck Drivers School had the best references and the best prices. We agree and are grateful for his comments. Don’t believe him or us. Check out what Mike is saying for yourself. When your research is done, you will find we have the best value and best reputation. Thanks Michael, you are our Graduate of the Month for June 2002.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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