Truck Driving School Graduate Donald Evey: April 2002



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As far as populations go, East Palatka, Florida, will never be a huge metropolis. Although a small community, East Palatka happens to be the home of great person. So great in fact, we had to ordain him as our graduate of the month. Pictured here is Mr. Donald Evey. Donald graduated from National Truck Drivers School way back in February of 1999. Even though he graduated a while ago, he still has some current news we want to share with you.

Donald was 37 years old when he decided to finally make the career move he always wanted to do. He had earned a living as a welder, mechanic, production worker, and a straight truck driver. None of these jobs offered Donald what he really wanted. Mr. Evey was after opportunity and adventure, not to mention, security. Driving a tractor-trailer across our country has afforded him all that. Donald has told us “I’ve been places and seen things I never have before” “I have always wanted to drive big rigs.” Now that Donald has been professionally trained, he can take his trucking career as far as he wants to go. Donald is currently driving for Lester Coggins.

Lester Coggins changed Trucking to Transportation Services when they became part of the Gainey Group. Lester Coggins provides year round LTL service for Florida-grown flowers as well as cut flowers imported from South America. This service utilizes refrigerated facilities at Miami, Okahumpka, and Pierson, Florida. The company also transports many perishables such as orange juice, milk, frozen foods, and fresh produce, as well as plastics, drug and grocery store items, containers, clothing, and paper goods.

Donald had four job offers after he graduated from National Truck Drivers School but chose Lester. He explained that Lester was close to home and made it possible for he him to be home more often.

During his time with us here at National, Donald was initially intimidated by the sheer size of these behemoth rigs. After working hard, and with support from the staff, Donald was soon quite comfortable operating the big rigs on the track and the public highways. Donald chose National for several reasons, the fact that we are nationally accredited, VA approved, been in business since 1978, or have great and professional instructors, all helped sway him. He also enjoyed were we’re located. We train year round in sunny Florida very near Donald’s house.

Donald gave us his strongest endorsement and encourages you to look into a career in trucking. “Give National Truck Drivers School a call, you won’t be sorry.”

We thank you for that Donald and we are happy to proclaim you as our Graduate of the Month for April 2002.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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