Truck Driving School Graduate Ricardo Perez: September 2000



This can be you in a matter of weeks.


One definition of a man is one who takes the welfare of his family seriously and puts it above everything else. Four children named Francis, Justina Rickael, and Ricardo Perez Jr. all have a real man for a father.

Mr. Ricardo Perez takes excellent care of his family by being employed in the trucking industry

North American Van Lines is fortunate to have Mr. Perez working for them.  He started there almost before his training at National was complete.  We asked him why he chose this company over the countless companies needing drivers, Ricardo told us “North American Van Lines had a lot to offer.”  The job is something I really enjoy doing.”

We were curious why a man who held a successful job installing office furniture would want to change careers.  Ricardo calmly told us that he was ready for a change and a challenge and that he wanted to get out into the world.  Trucking definitely offers that.  Although this husband and father of four is a confident, self-directed man, he did share some interesting challenges with us.  We asked him what was the most difficult about the training; we were not prepared for his answer.  Most graduates share their challenges with backing up the big rigs or the Super Ten Transmission, not Ricardo.  Ricardo was challenged by the unknown.  It was difficult for him to give up the familiar and prepare for a new way of life.

We are happy to report that this Fort Lauderdale resident is doing just fine.  He now enjoys the freedom of the open road, meeting new people, and seeing new places.  We also know he enjoys the money trucking provides. We admire men like Ricardo who put everything on the line for their families.  We know why he did it, but we were still curious as to why he chose us.

We asked Ricardo why he chose National Training as the vehicle for a new life.  His answers were right to the point and right on.  He said, “National has the best training, the best equipment, and a great facility to learn.”  He went on to tell us that the distance education phase  was a real plus.  It allowed him to keep his job until he was ready for resident training.

Ricardo could just be telling us this because he thinks we want to hear it, But Mr. Perez has recommended a friend to us who recently completed training and is driving for Arrow Trucking.  He has also recommended our school to others.  Ricardo honors us by his commitment to his family, education,  and overcoming the fear of the unknown. For that, we honor Mr. Ricardo Perez as
National Training’s Graduate of the Month for September 2000.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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