Truck Driving School Graduate Jonathan Maynor: June 2000



This can be you in a matter of weeks.


Meet Jonathan Maynor, National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for June 2000.  Jonathan, pictured above with his girlfriend Crystal and nephew Cody, recently took a job with Rocor Trucking out of Oklahoma City.  Jonathan, like many people, decided to take a career in the trucking industry because he was looking for an exciting career change that would provide excellent pay, benefits, and travel.  Little did Jonathan realize he just opened the door to some amazing opportunities for himself, other than the pay, benefits, and travel.

The life of a Professional Truck Driver holds more opportunities than a person realizes.  Many drivers, particularly new drivers like Jonathan, learn early on that there is more to the industry than just driving a truck.  For some people driving a truck is all they want to do, but for others a chance to expand more into the industry, is what they have in mind.  It is hard to think of another industry that offers people, such as Jonathan, the type of opportunity the truck driving industry can.

As a Professional Truck Driver, Jonathan can become an owner/operator, working only when, where, how, and with whom he chooses.  If Jonathan decides to work for a company as a steady employee he may do so if this type of life satisfies him.  Jonathan may also decide to get out of the truck for a while and work in other areas of the industry.  The opportunities are endless.  With the economy being they way it is today, businesses are being over run with the demands of the consumers.  Businesses need reliable sources to deliver their goods to the consumers.  The truck driving industry is suffering a severe shortage of drivers right now.  Never has there been a better time to enter into the industry as a driver or a trucking entrepreneur trying to start his or her own business. 

Prior to attending National Truck Drivers School to become Professional Truck Driver, Jonathan worked as a Heating and Air conditioning technician, a Tree trimmer, and more recently, a Painter.  Jonathan told us he has wanted to become a Professional Truck Driver for sometime.  During his training Jonathan received 5 job offers through National’s job placement assistance program.  Jonathan said he chose National Truck Drivers School over all of the other schools he researched because National had the best training to offer.  Well, we thank Jonathan for those kind words.  Now we hope Jonathan will take full advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to him.  After watching how enthusiastic he was during his training, the instructors here at National are sure he will go far in the truck driving industry.

National Truck Drivers School takes pride in knowing we helped Jonathan open the door to these fabulous opportunities in front of him.

Keep your eyes open because you just might see a big shinny rig pull up along side of you one day with big fancy letters that say Maynor Trucking written on the side and Jonathan giving you a big smile.

Good luck Jonathan, and thank you for promoting the truck driving industry and National Truck Drivers School.  The door of opportunity is wide open; all you have to do is walk through.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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