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This can be you in a matter of weeks.


One wife, two kids and an 18-wheeler! Now that’s a family any man can be proud of. Meet a man who couldn’t be prouder, George H Duktig Jr. National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for July 2000. George graduated from National Truck Drivers School in February of 1999. We caught up with George and did an interview with him because the training staff at National felt that he deserved the honor of Graduate of the Month. This honor is a bit belated, but we feel George earned it and we wanted to make sure George receives his due reward.

Like most men, George wanted a happy marriage with a wife to raise some children with. Well George got what he wanted. George is happily married to a lovely woman named Ann. Together they are raising two beautiful children, Donna and George III. Like any family man, George wanted to provide a good life for his growing family. To do this, George needed a career he would be happy with. George tried being a cook for a while and then worked in a management position for a period of time. He soon found out this wasn’t what he wanted to spend his life doing. George needed a career that could provide him with the income and benefits necessary to take good care of his family. At the same time his new career had to be one that he knew he would love.

Truck driving, said George, has been something I wanted to do for a long time. Deciding that he was going to take the final step to reach his goal, George started researching various truck driver training schools and found that National Truck Drivers School was highly recommended. National has been in business since 1978, graduated over 15,000 students, and is one of the very few schools that are nationally accredited. National’s training course is accredited through the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Accreditation can only be received through stringent review and approval of course materials by an accreditation council.

In our opinion, George couldn’t have made a better choice. During his training at National, George excelled at every task our instructors challenged him to do. Like many students before him, George said the hardest part of his training was backing. Just like any skill, a person can only become proficient by repetition. National Truck Drivers School believes in this concept and provides our students many hours of training and practice behind the wheel. Many training facilities have their students spend countless hours in the classroom sacrificing behind the wheel time with behind the desk time. Going back to our concept of proficiency by repetition, National Truck Drivers School knows that students, like George, come to our school to drive the 18-wheelers, not a desk. That’s why National utilizes home study lessons. Completing the home study lessons before attending resident training provides the best way for students to spend much more time in the truck and significantly less time in the classroom.

By repeatedly practicing the various maneuvers and receiving guidance from our outstanding training staff, George soon reached the level of proficiency required to safely handle his vehicle in any situation, including the often difficult backing maneuvers.

One thing National Truck Drivers School is known for by our students is our Job Placement Assistance program. Our program has a job placement rate of 95%. George was no exception to our program. While still attending training, George received 10 JOB OFFERS from various different companies. Lets see if any other job placement company can achieve such a success rate! Out of the 10 offers George received he chose Roehl Transport Inc. out of Marshfield WI. Pictured above is George and behind him is the newest member of his family. Sure she drinks a lot, but she never complains and does what she’s told.

Well George, congratulations on your success, you’ve earned it! Now you have everything any man could ask for, a beautiful wife, two children and an 18-wheeler. Stop by again sometime George, we would love to show you off, and make sure you bring the new addition along with you.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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