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This can be you in a matter of weeks.


For many people, having a career they love is a dream.  These people, for whatever reason, play the cards they are dealt without trying to place the odds in their favor.  Settling for a two-of-a-kind instead of trying for a Royal flush.  Some, not many, finally say enough is enough.

Meet Geoffrey M German from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Geoffrey was one of those people that said enough is enough.  For many years, Geoffrey played his cards and did not do to bad either.  Even though he experienced success in his previous jobs working at a boat dealership and as a Valet manager, the deck was still not stacked in his favor.  Geoffrey realized he was going to have to change hands if he ever wanted to experience his dreams.

Geoffrey’s life-long dream was to become a Professional Tractor-Trailer driver.  His dream came true in October of 1999 when he graduated from National Truck Drivers School.  Geoffrey did so well during his training he became our Graduate of the Month for April 2000.  It seems if someone, like Geoffrey, wants something badly enough, going after that dream is almost fun.  When we asked Geoffrey what the most difficult part of training was for him, he said, “nothing”.  Geoffrey enjoyed every bit of his training.

All of us at National Training are glad to hear that his experience was an enjoyable one.  Although we continually strive to make our training the most current and challenging, we also strive to make it the most rewarding and enjoyable experience for our students.  All of the students that graduate from National can leave here knowing they have the advantage of receiving the most up-to-date training available out today.  Geoffrey, for instance, graduated from our school well prepared for a career in the trucking industry, not just a career driving a truck.  Driving a truck was only part of the training he received in our course.  He also received training on all areas of the trucking industry, just to name a few:  

  • Driver fitness
  • General driving practices
  • Special driving conditions
  • Trip planning
  • Structure of a trucking company
  • Types of trucking operations
  • Public relations
  • Lifestyles of Owner/Operators
  • Purchasing used trucks/leasing
  • And many other areas of trucking

Having completed his training, Geoffrey will experience the life of the open road.  No boss looking over his shoulder, and no more monotonous repetitive tasks needed to be done.  Geoffrey has a window office where the view changes constantly, and trust us, the view is awesome.

During Geoffrey’s time with us, he received 4 job offers through our job placement assistance program.  Out of the 4 offers, Geoffrey chose Swift Trucking.  Geoffrey chose Swift because the main terminal is close to his home and because of Swifts excellent pay and benefits package.  He also mentioned he loved the travel time Swift provided.  It seems Geoffrey has found his niche in life.  Any person that loves to travel and earn a lot of money doing it will definitely fit in well with the trucking industry.

During our interview with Geoffrey, we asked him why he chose National Truck Drivers School to fulfill his dream.  Geoffrey told us he chose National because of our excellent reputation.  Geoffrey also went on to tell us that if anyone were interested in an exciting career change, he would recommend a career in the trucking industry.  We would like to thank Geoffrey for his support and congratulate him at the same time, not many people succeed in making their dreams a reality.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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