Truck Driving School Graduate Gene E Dykes: October 2000



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Boyhood dreams often fade as we grow into adulthood.  Life takes us in many directions, often where we never thought we would go.  Our dreams and goals are changed or forgotten as we follow the path life sets for us.

We would like you to meet Gene E Dykes from Jacksonville, Florida.  Gene never lost sight of his boyhood dream.  Gene is married to Ellen and they are raising Eric and Mary.  We are confident that Gene and Ellen are fabulous roll models and parents to Eric and Mary.  Gene must have instilled strong work ethics and the importance of goals to his kids.

Gene spent 27 years in the United States Air Force, providing for his family and protecting you and me.  During his career in the USAF, he performed aircraft maintenance and further advanced his career when he was appointed as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for his unit.  Senior Enlisted Advisors must demonstrate strong leadership skills, compassion, and deep understanding of people.  In this role he helped many enlisted persons set goals and dreams, and establish priorities.  Near the end of his military career, Gene decided to realize his boyhood dream of being a truck driver.  Gene has had a “lifelong desire to drive.”

With the dream in hand, he contacted National Training.  He chose us over other truck driving schools because of the course content we offer and the distance education portion.  Doing the bookwork at home allowed Gene to do what he loves the most, being with his family.  After he completed the distance-learning portion of the course, it was time to come to Resident Training for the hands on segment of the course.  With all the actual “behind the wheel” training, it wasn’t long before Gene overcame his personal challenges of backing up the big rigs and downshifting that Super 10 transmission.

For adults it is critical that boyhood dreams provide a revenue stream.  Gene was fortunate in this area too.  He had six job offers to pick from before his training was over.  He elected to go with Cypress Truck Lines from Jacksonville, Florida.  We asked him why he chose Cypress?  He told us “Even though I have always wanted to drive, I want to be home nights and weekends with my family.”  Cypress allows him to do just that.  Gene told us that he enjoys the title of “Professional Truck Driver” and he enjoys the control he has as a professional.

Gene is special to us here at National Truck Driver’s School.  He recently helped us film a safety commercial for the school.  We want to thank Cypress for allowing Gene to help us help truckers be safer on our roads.  We also want to thank Gene for his contribution to our nation’s defense, his strong family values, and holding onto those boyhood dreams.

Gene, we owe you a debt of gratitude, you are our Graduate of the Month for October 2000.

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