Truck Driving School Graduate Bill and Mildred Willoughby: December 2000



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Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach an old dogface new tricks. Please meet Bill and Mildred Willoughby. Bill is now a talented and safe driver for Arrow Trucking. Bill chose trucking after retiring from the US Army. Many say that a transition from the military life to a civilian life is difficult. Apparently no one told this old dogface soldier. He has adapted quite nicely to the freedom the open road provides.

Bill lived a very structured and high-pressure life for over 20 years. His wife Mildred also had to endure many hardships that comes with being an Army wife. With the military life in the rear view mirror, Bill and Mildred are living out a fantasy, and getting paid to do it!

When Bill was a soldier he had to spend a good deal of time away from home and Mildred. After his military career he vowed not to do that ever again. How does one keep that promise when you are an over the road trucker? Simple, Mildred is a National Truck Driver’s School graduate too!! Both Mildred and Bill drive the big rigs for Arrow Trucking. They are one of many successful husband and wife teams trucking on our highways today.

We asked Bill and Mildred why they chose National to provide them truck driver training. They told us that our reputation was legendary. Legendary? We think it might be our instructional staff and our commitment to the military. Both Bill and Mildred had their challenges in school. The most troubling was parallel parking. Our crack staff of driving instructors worked with them until they both became proficient at that skill.

Bill received 5 job offers from trucking firms before he graduated. He chose Arrow for their safety record, modern equipment, great pay, and benefits. He might have also chosen them because Mildred chose them. Regardless, they both enjoy the traveling this great nation of ours.

We wish Bill and Mildred all the best in their journeys. We admire their special commitment to each other and we are proud to say that Bill and Mildred Willoughby are National Truck Driver’s SchoolGraduates of the Month for December 2000.

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