Truck Driving School Graduate Ben Lamb: February 2000



This can be you in a matter of weeks.


National Truck Drivers School would like to present our Graduate of the Month for February 2000, Ben Lamb. Ben, like many of our graduates, is a native Floridian hailing from Ocoee. Ben is 36 years young and is married to a lovely woman named Lisa, which, by the way, is his business partner.

Apparently, after Ben graduated from training, he and his wife decided to take their lives into their own hands and become owner/operators of their own Tractor-Trailer. Ben and Lisa obviously saw many of the opportunities the truck driving industry had to offer.

The truck driving industry provided Ben and Lisa a chance to work for a major industry and still have the freedom to be their own boss. Not to mention, the freedom of the open road and the unlimited earnings potential they can achieve, especially in a situation such as theirs. What other industry can offer such wonderful opportunities? Our hats off to both Ben and Lisa, not many drivers make such a bold move so soon after school.

Prior to becoming a Professional Truck Driver, Ben worked for a company doing mechanical electrical technical support. The company Ben was working for had closed. That closing is what prompted Ben to make an exciting career change and join our elite fraternity.

When Ben isn’t out on the road in his tractor-trailer, he enjoys scuba diving and fishing. The best part about this is he doesn’t have to worry about checking in with “the boss”.

To receive his training, Ben chose National Truck Drivers School because we are Nationally Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. The only part of training Ben had any problems with was the “backing portion” of training. With a little guidance from National’s Professional Instructors, Ben managed to master the maneuvers without too much difficulty.

While Ben was at training, he received several job offers from various companies throughout the country from our job placement assistance department. Not that Ben needed a job, but he did so well in training that several companies still tried to recruit him.

National Truck Drivers School would like to wish Ben and his wife Lisa the best of luck in their new career and we hope everything keeps going great for them. All of us at National would also like to express our admiration to Ben and Lisa. In less than a year, Ben has managed to attend truck driver training, pass truck driver training, receive his Commercial Driver License (CDL), become National’s Graduate of the Month, buy a tractor-trailer, and start a family business with his wife as his partner. Again, our hats off to Ben and Lisa Lamb of “Lamb Trucking LLC”.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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