Truck Driving School Graduate Jeannette M Sares: March 2001



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Many of us believe in pre-ordained destiny. That is, what we are going to be has been decided before we are born. Others believe that we choose our path and destiny. Still others believe that life’s circumstances shape what we become. No matter what, we won’t decide this issue today.

National Truck Drivers School proudly introduces Jeannette M Sares. Jeannette is now a successful and prosperous truck driver for Poole Schneider Carriers. Before choosing this career path, Jeannette was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). She has tried many other career fields prior to truck driving. She paid her dues as a waitress, bartender, cashier, and a correctional officer. All the while, Jeannette denied her yearning to drive. She told us “ I always wanted to drive.” We are delighted that she finally decided to do what she felt was right for her. We are also grateful she chose National to help her embark on her destiny.

Jeannette will tell you how we assisted her and all students. Besides the top shelf quality truck training, National also has a very aggressive placement department. Jeannette received 15 job offers before her graduation. Yes that’s right, fifteen job offers. She decided on Poole because the responded quickly to her needs and questions. She told us that Poole “keeps me running.” If you are interested in trucking, talk to Jeannette. She will tell you about the limitless opportunities in this industry.

Because the pay for drivers is so good, Jeannette now has time to pursue her hobbies that include photography, wood burning, and watercolors. Judging by her photo, she also enjoys wildlife as well. By looking at her smile and into her eyes, one can make the assumption that she is truly happy and has found her destiny.

We humbly thank Ms Sares for allowing us to be a part of that destiny. We wish her continued success in the trucking trade and we proudly proclaim…

Jeannette M. Sares Graduate of the Month for March 2001.

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