Truck Driving School Graduate David Curtis: September 2001



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to draw your attention to Mr. David Curtis. David graduated from National back in December of 1997. He is married to Nancy, and they have a daughter, Melissa. Dave has always provided for his family in careers ranging from the Military and mechanic, to computer aided tutoring. All good career fields that are rewarding, challenging, and pay well. One might wonder why David left these for a career in trucking. We wondered too, so we asked.

David has a love affair with trucking that goes way back. He has always envisioned himself as “on the road.” “I want the opportunities that independent truckers have.” Today, David is an independent trucker who is currently under contract with Fort Myers Trucking. David shared with us that he absolutely loves being my own boss, touring the country, and the pay. “As an owner/operator, I’m making more money now than I ever have before.” All this started for Dave with training.

Dave chose National Truck Drivers School for some really solid, fundamental reasons. “The school has a great training facility.” We have a mile and a quarter track on private property that allowed David to practice and gain confidence without endangering the public. When David’s skills were ready for the open road, he, a couple other students, and the Instructor went for it. Student to staff ratio was another reason David chose us. National is proud of the level of personal attention each student receives while here. We asked David if he would recommend National Truck Drivers School. He simply said “yes,” followed with “you have to be willing to work hard.” We asked David what the most difficult part of the school was for him. We were surprised by his answer. We were expecting him to say backing or shifting, but he did not. David said ” I hated sitting in the classroom, I wanted to stay in the trucks and drive.” You will be pleased to know that we did not torture David too much. Of the 160 hours of Resident Training, David only had to spend 32 hours in a classroom. That’s a mere two hours a day.

David’s career now allows him the time and the money to pursue his hobbies that include, spending time with his family, flying remote controlled airplanes, playing sports, and biking. If you want what David has, David has some advice for you. “Work hard, study hard, and enjoy the great pay from succeeding.”

Thank you David for your spirit, tenacity, great advice, and glowing comments about our school. You are…

Graduate of the Month for September 2001.

Graduates of the Month for June 2001.

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