Truck Driving School Graduate David and Elisabeth Oulton: October 2001



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to introduce you to a dynamic couple. Please meet David and Elisabeth Oulton. David and Elisabeth are from right here in North Florida, Jacksonville to be exact. They graduated from our Truck Drivers School back in August of 1997. They both drive for C.R. England. It can be said that C.R. England has become a “smarter, faster, better” type of operation. The company has grown progressively into a nationwide leader in both refrigerated and dry truckload service. Both Dave and Elisabeth were hired at the same time.

They have a large family to care for that includes their children Aaron, Michael, Jen, Pam, Jimmy, and Michael. Yep! Two Michaels. They realized that in order to provide a good life for the children a solid, steady income would be required. The type of income trucking provides.

Prior to discovering trucking, Dave spent time in the Army as an Infantryman. He also tried his hand as air-conditioning technician and in construction. These fields, although rewarding, could not satisfy his love of trucks. So David and Elisabeth discussed the best way to care for their family and have a satisfying and challenging career as well. They decided to become truckers.

When David and Elisabeth came to us here at National Truck Driver School they had their apprehensions. They both had to overcome their nervousness. It seems that they initially had a little anxiety about the training and the instructors. That fretfulness soon passed as our staff put them at ease with their knowledge and professionalism. Dave and Elisabeth did have to negotiate the challenge of backing up these big rigs. They did so in style and earned their CDL licenses without incident.

These young truckers know that it takes sacrifice to raise kids. Fortunately, for them, doing a job they love lessens that sacrifice. David and Elisabeth are an inspiration to us all and we thank them for the dedication to their children, and their love of trucking.

David and Elisabeth, you are…

National Training’s Graduates of the Month for October 2001.

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