Earth Mover School Graduate Joseph Cordes: October 2010

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National Heavy Equipment Operator School Graduate of the Month for October 2010.

 Joseph Cordes is married and has two kids ages 3 and 7.  Before becoming a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator Joseph worked in construction doing hurricane tie downs for residential housing and commercial construction.  Along with his construction job Joseph also worked and still works as a bartender part time for extra cash and to meet new people to socialize and network.  Great idea Joseph!

We asked Joseph why he chose National Training and he told us “I didn’t choose National Training, it chose me.  It was the first option and the only option.  It is a great school with great teachers.  It was great to be able to come here considering I live to be able to go home to be with my family while schooling.  My experience here was fun.  I met great people and learned a lot about heavy equipment.  My favorite part of school was definitely driving the equipment.”

When students decide they want to attend school we know school isn’t their ultimate goal.  All students see an end result they want to achieve AFTER graduation and Joseph’s plan, like many others before him, is a simple plan…to provide a stable life for his family and work in a job that he thoroughly enjoys.

Sometimes the best plans in life are the simplest plans.   Joseph Cordes decided to keep life simple and family oriented.

Before we concluded the interview with Joseph, like all students, we ask if they would like to add anything to their story.  “The best part of school was Skip and Sam, two great instructors.   They put you on the equipment, give you pointers and tell you to go at it and they tell you what you need to do to improve for future job sites you will work on.”

Thank you Joseph; Skip and Sam are definitely great instructors.  After years of experience in actual heavy equipment operation and teaching these two guys have highly developed skills on imparting their knowledge to our students.

Well Joseph we want to thank you for allowing us to become a significant part of your future and we wish you great success and we would like to see you again in the future.  Please stop by and see us.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.

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