Earth Mover School Graduate Sean Williams: June 2008

Sean Williams

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Pictured inside this Caterpillar 938F Articulating Loader is a very happy man. His name is Sean Williams. Sean Williams graduated from National Heavy Equipment Operators School November 0f 2004.. Prior to discovering his talent for large earthmoving machines, Sean Williams worked for Eastman Kodak.. Sean Williams operated a forklift for them until that fateful day when he was informed his services would no longer be required. It seems Eastman Kodak found someone willing to do it for a lot less money, in China and Mexico. Sadly, many businesses are finding it necessary to move portions of their operations off-shore.

One profession that is impossible to outsource to a foreign country is heavy construction. This would explain that smile on Sean’s face. Sean always wanted to operate heavy equipment. He was bit by that bug as a child. National Heavy Equipment Operators School owes a debt of gratitude to the Hasbro Toy Company. Their line of earthmoving Tonka toys has inspired many a young man and a few young women too!

Sean Williams now operates multiple machines for Superior Asphalt of Central Florida. He primarily operates the Caterpillar Loader, 320 Track Hoe (excavator), and the Bobcat skid-steer loader. Sean plans to continue working for Superior for a while until he can start his own earth moving business. Earth moving has treated him well so far. He has been able to purchase a home for himself and he helps to take care of his parents who are retired.

Sean told us that one of the fascinating things about his job is that each day he does something different. He did virtually the same exact thing day in and day out when he operated a forklift. Serving fast food at KFC was also quite mundane. Sean will never have to settle for same-o, same-o again. We are very proud of Sean for making the decision to change his life and carrying it out.

Sean is a National Heavy Equipment Operators School Featured Graduate.

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