Earth Mover School Graduate Jeff Picken: July 2008

Jeff Picken

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Standing next to this impressive looking Kamatsu 200 Hoe Ram is our Mr. Jeff Pickens. Jeff is originally from San Antonio Texas. He was a proud member of the United States Air Force. Jeff dedicated 22 years of his life to defending freedom. After Jeff’s Air Force career was over, he still needed something to do and to feel useful.

National Heavy Equipment Operators School was Jeff Picken gateway to the new career. When Jeff was a little boy, Jeff Picken grandfather took him to a strip mine in Southern Ohio where he saw the world’s largest dump truck. It was that visit and that dump truck that started a dream. Jeff gave us a call and he was soon enrolled in his future.

After completing the home study portion of the school, Jeff came to North Florida for resident training. We asked Jeff why he wanted to come all the way from Texas to go to training. He answered quickly that National is the only accredited school recognized by the Department of Defense. What that means is the Air Force helped him out on the tuition.

Jeff’s biggest challenge while in training was learning as much as he could in only four weeks. He took full advantage of the time he had with us. He qualified on dozers, excavators, loaders, backhoes, and Bobcat minis.

Jeff is now plying his wares with Olmos Equipment in Texas. He really enjoys using heavy equipment to shape the earth into something that shows your efforts. Here are some projects Jeff has worked on.

Jeff has demonstrated personal initiative, pride, commitment, and resolve. These qualities have earned him the proud honor of being a

National Heavy Equipment Operators School Featured Graduate.

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