Earth Mover School Graduate Robert Whitehead: February 2006

Robert Whitehead

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Robert Whitehead graduated from National Heavy Equipment Operators School last August. Ever since then he has been doing what he truly loves to do. Robert enjoys the feeling he gets when moving the earth with large powerful machines. He is especially talented at operating the Caterpillar D5 and D6 bulldozers, the Caterpillar 725 Dump Truck, and the Komatsu 40 Excavator. What he operates is dependant upon the day, staff on hand, and the job required.

It wasn’t always this much fun to go to work for Robert. Before operating equipment he paid the bills with carpentry skills. Although carpentry requires talent, the pay and job security for it is not so great. Robert wanted to find more secure and long-term employment while still staying outdoors. Heavy equipment operator was the answer to his dilemma. He knew they made good money and were always in demand. He also knew he needed training to be an operator.

Robert Whitehead searched around for the best value for his training dollar and found National Heavy Equipment Operators School. Robert not only received quality hands on instruction on late model construction equipment, he took advantage of the truck driver training too! Robert can not only operate heavy equipment, he can drive it to the location it is needed. This training is a good start for Roberts Plans.

Robert Whitehead will someday own his contracting business in the northern United States,. Until all the pieces fall into place, you will find Robert doing his job and practicing his skills for Westwind Contracting. Westwind provides the flexibility to manage all aspects of project delivery. With extensive resources and in-depth knowledge, Westwind is uniquely qualified to partner with its customers to handle any project.

National is extremely proud of Mr. Whitehead and wish him continued success. Robert has been selected to be a National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate.

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