Earth Mover School Graduate Mike Boone: May 2006

Mike Boone

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“Turning land into a neighborhood” This astonishing quote came directly from this month’s featured graduate. Mike Boone attended National Heavy equipment Operators School last August and has not regretted his decision once. Mike is working for Bryan and Sons Site Contractors in Maryland. He has become a valuable asset for them. He skills allow him to operate the; Komatsu 300 Excavator, Komatsu 270 Excavator, Komatsu 61 Bulldozer, Komatsu 65 Bulldozer, and the Komatsu 31Bulldozer. With this equipment and the training he received from us, Mike truly turns land into neighborhoods.

Mike Boone had an interesting profession prior to rekindling his love of heavy equipment. Mike was a dairy farm herdsman. He was responsible for employees on the farm, cows on the farm, and milking those cows. I guess you could say he was involved in turning pasture land into whole milk. Sadly, like so many mom-and-pop dairies, the one Mike worked for went out of business and closed. This closing was not necessarily a bad thing for Mike. He was becoming burned out with the dairy farm life anyway. This just gave him the push he needed.

Mike contacted “FJ”, a school representative, to start the enrollment process. After FJ talked with Mike for a spell, he determined Mike was a good candidate and enrolled him in the training. Mike came to us for a month of hands-on intensive training on the most common pieces of construction equipment. He sailed through the course and went back home to Maryland.

Heavy equipment operation has afforded Mike the opportunity to purchase a new home this past September. He and his beautiful bride are very excited about being new home owners. Mike was part of the team that cleared and prepared the land where his new house sits, and his current project is only five miles from the house.

We love hearing success stories like Mike’s. Because mike took a risk, his reward was great. We are very proud of his accomplishments. Mike is a National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate.

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