Earth Mover School Graduate Matthew Boston: September 2006

Matthew Boston

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Pictured here is Mr. Matthew Boston of West Palm Beach. Matt has a nick name of “Big Dog.” Matt attended our Heavy Equipment Operators School back in October of 2004. Although he was properly trained on all the common construction equipment, we did not train him on the Wiggins Marina Bull used to move boats to and from the water.

Matthew Boston is employed by PGA Marina. He is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of marine vessels. One mistake could seriously impact PGA’s bottom line and Matt’s employment history. That’s why PGA was looking for someone professionally trained. The skills Matt learned at National translated well into what PGA required.

Matt certainly enjoys the work. Before National, he tried being a self employed landscaper. That proved to be more pressure than Matt wanted in his life. Since Matt has always loved being out of doors, operating heavy equipment was a logical choice. With a quick search online, Matt found National Heavy Equipment Operators School. The rest is history.

When Matt came to Resident Training, he had the opportunity to train on all the commonly used construction machines. When we asked him what was the most challenging aspect of the training, he stated that “being away from my family” was the most difficult. Yes it’s true. To complete his training Matt stayed with us for four weeks. It may seem like a long time, but four weeks later, your working! Try that with a community college.

The Big Dog hopes to continue to well with PGA so he can move up to cranes. We have no doubt he will. Matthew Big Dog Boston…….. You are National Heavy Equipment Operators School……

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