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Earth Mover School Graduate James Chasteen: March 2006

James Chasteen

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Please meet one lucky son-of-a-gun, Mr. James Chasteen. This gentleman is a heavy equipment operator in the great state of Hawaii. Prior to living and working in the fiftieth state, he spent sometime as a US Marine defending our freedom in far away places like Okinawa Japan. As he was nearing the end of his obligated service James realized he needed to do something to survive. He had always had a dream of being able to mover earth, and he made the decision to look in to earthmoving careers.

James Chasteen discovered that National’s Earthmovers School fit the bill nicely. First it is approved by the Veterans Administration and DANTES for tuition assistance. National also offers the training in two phases. James was able to complete Phase One while still on active duty in Okinawa.

Phase Two was conducted on our 350 acre facility with modern earthmoving machines. After being released from active duty, James came to Green Cove Springs Florida for four weeks of intensive training. While here, James did not experience any difficulties in mastering the art of rearranging the planet. Normally when you think of Marines and earthmoving in the same sentence, one usually thinks of high explosives and mortar rounds as the chosen art form. James chose the Caterpillar D-9 as his instrument for creating art with the earth. James enjoys the power of capability to move a rock the size of a school bus or simply moving 70 tons of rock and earth into a shape you want. James told us he considers himself to be artistic and enjoys being a heavy equipment operator because as it affords him the opportunity to create art with the landscape. James has always taken great pride in his work. He continues that trend with his new career in earthmoving.

James’ future plans include owning his own earthmover business. Until then, he is content to work and live each day in paradise. We here at National Heavy Equipment Operators School are quite proud of James. James has shown great courage first as a US Marine and chasing and catching a lifelong dream of being an earthmover. We salute you James, you are a National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate.

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