Earth Mover School Graduate Sarah Lewis: February 2005

Sarah Lewis

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Please Meet Sarah Lewis. Sarah graduated from National training Heavy Equipment Operators program in December of 2003. She has been working for the Florida Department of transportation ever since. She operates John Deere loaders, graders, dump trucks, tractor loader/backhoes and a big stick hoe for the sunshine state. Sarah loves her job, operating heavy equipment, and the money!

Sarah Lewis overcame some personal challenges to come to school. Sarah is divorced and was waiting tables to make ends meet. It took her a whole year to save to be able to pay for school. She never gave up on the dream and did finally arrive at the Resident Training facility in Green Cove Springs Florida.

While with us, Sarah trained on late model loader, dozers, and back-hoes. She also developed skills for the compact equipment too. We asked Sarah what the hardest part of the training was for her. She told us “Just getting here.” Sarah is blessed with natural ability, a love of heavy equipment, and great instructors.

Sarah loves the outdoors to such an extent that even when not operating equipment, she’s still outside. She enjoys hunting and playing with her kids and grandkids. Sarah has kicked around the idea of moving up north near the Pennsylvania area. But the sunshine state and the kids are a tough act to give up. What ever Sarah decides to do, we know she will be terrific! She has demonstrated excellent learning skills, and perseverance that rivals that of Job from the Old Testament.

Sarah is a National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate.

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