Earth Mover School Graduate Ray Crossland: July 2005

Ray Crossland

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Tragedy befalls all of us at some point in our lives. How we deal with what life hands us defines who we are. Ray Crossland did quite well installing tile for a source of revenue. He was very good at it and had no desire to change careers. Unfortunately a fateful day changed all that. Ray was involved in a car accident that injured his knees and back. Tile setters need their knees and back and Ray could no longer do the job with his injuries.

Ray Crossland was in the Army before he installed tile. He also did some warehouse work. Neither of those were an option for him now. So, Ray gave Andrew McLoughlin a call. Andrew is one of our premier Admissions Representatives for the South Florida area. Andrew interviewed Ray to determine how serious and committed Ray was to completing training in a brand new career field. Ray had no trouble convincing Andrew to recommend him for enrollment. During the interview, Andrew asked Ray “Why did you choose National Heavy Equipment Operators School?” Ray responded with “I heard it was the best, and I always train with the best.” We like hearing that!

Ray Crossland did in deed receive excellent training in the operation of most earthmoving machines. Ray was impressed with our instructional staff and all things that can be done with the earthmoving machines. Ray took a special liking to the Bobcat loader and compact excavator. He did not struggle with any particular machine or process; he just liked the compacts the best.

After training was completed, Ray left us to head back to the Port St. Lucie area in search of work, he found his niche building pools. He is compensated nicely for his efforts with the Bobcat equipment. Ray operates dump trucks from time to time too. He builds pools with Harbor Bay Pools and is quite content. Ray does want to continue to learn new equipment and drive big trucks.

When ray is not building pools, he still loves to be around a hole in the ground filled with water. Ray is a fisherman and likes to wet a worm now and then. He also likes spending time with his wife of thirty years and his daughters.

Ray displayed tremendous courage by recovering from a tragedy and rebuilding his life. He is still providing security and income to his family. Many of us might have given up and chose state disability or other government program to survive. We salute Ray for his tenacity and fighting spirit.

Ray Crossland is National Heavy Equipment Operators School’s

Featured Graduate

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