Earth Mover School Graduate Mack Norman: December 2005

Mack Norman

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Gaffney South Carolina is home to a Mr. Mack Norman. Mack used to operate computers. Mack gave up two things to be a computer operator. He gave up any hope of ever working outdoors; and he gave up a childhood dream. Playing in the dirt with dirt with toy trucks and tractors is almost a right of passage from boyhood to adolescence. For some, that boyhood playtime event plants a seed. That seed laid dormant in Mack for many years.

One day while at the keyboard Mack had had enough. He started a search to find schools to assist him fulfill the dream. National Heavy Equipment Operator’s school offered the chance. Mack attended our 350 acre facility in March of 2003. He completed training on the most popular heavy construction machines as well as the Bobcat mini’s. He also was schooled in surveying equipment. His training finished with training in the operation of the tractor-trailer. Fortunately for Mack the only really challenging part of this hands-on training was being away from his family.

Since graduating in May of 2003 Mack Norman has been home every night. He certainly enjoys the money he is brining home, but he really enjoys being with “the best family in the world”. Mack planes to continue honing his skills and to get back in school. Now that he is involved in heavy construction, he wants to become even more involved. Mack Norman wants to become a civil engineer. As successful as he was with National’s training program, we know he will succeed in this too!

Mack Norman you are a National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate

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