Earth Mover School Graduate John McConnell: June 2005

John McConnell

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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Ashland Ohio. Pictured here, on his very own Case 850 dozer, is John McConnell. John completed our Heavy Equipment Operators training back in November 2003. He has since gone on to greatness. Specifically, John is now the owner/operator of his own land clearing business. Besides the Case bulldozer, he also owns a John Deere 480E, and a Ford 4400 Loader.

John McConnell was not always attracted to the construction industry and heavy equipment. He actually spent some time in the US Air Force. During his time serving he worked on military aircraft. It wasn’t until the end of his active duty service did he realize he wanted to do something else.

His beginnings in the heavy equipment arena were humble at best. We asked him why he chose this field. He answered only with “seemed interesting.” The interest must have really grown. James contacted our Admissions Department and Mr. Joe Curry interviewed him for entrance into the program. Joe answered all James’ questions and asked a few of his own. It was mutually agreed upon that James was an excellent candidate for training. Due to our outstanding reputation, James took the plunge and has not looked back. After the distance learning and resident training phases of training Joe headed to Ashland to start his own company.

When James is not improving the land he enjoys building and remodeling homes. In fact, James has a goal to one day soon build himself, his wife, and daughter a home complete with pond and landscaping.

We are confident James will accomplish this goal. The work is fun and he obviously enjoys it. James has made us proud. We are grateful we could provide him with the training to start a new life and a new, successful business. If you happen to visit Ashland, stop in and ask James how he did it. He’ll probably just tell you “seemed easy.”

James is National Heavy Equipment Operators School

Featured Graduate

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