Earth Mover School Graduate Jay Squier: August 2005

Jay Squier

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Friends, this is Jay Squier and he’s from Palm Bay Florida. Jay was a successful Rout Mount Operator with a circuit board manufacturer. After nine years of devoted employment there, he was laid off, permanently. Jay was able to secure a grant from the Federal Government for jobs training. National Heavy Equipment Operators School came highly recommended.

Jay Squier diligently completed his distance learning courses and arrived at Green Cove Springs in April of 2003. He trained on the earthmoving equipment most encountered on a construction job site. He especially was skilled at the back-hoe. The most difficult part of the training for Jay was being away from his family. Our crack staff of instructors was not able to help with that too much.

After Jay Squier graduated from our school he went to work for J.A. Baker Septic. Yes, a septic company. It may not sound glamorous, but the work is steady and pays extremely well. Jay has been with J.A. Baker for some time now and has no plans to move on. When Jay made the decision to chase a career in heavy equipment operation, the thing that most attracted him was the continual need for equipment operators. He is right on! It is nearly impossible to drive anywhere in this country of ours and not happen upon a construction site utilizing multiple pieces of heavy equipment. Often, the equipment is unmanned. Contractors have a tough time putting operators on all their equipment. Jay knew it, and now you do too. Equipment operators are in big demand!

When Jay isn’t saddled on his Case SuperM back-hoe, he loves to spend time playing with his kids. Jay has been blessed with two daughters 10 and 12 years old. He also has a wife working in the electronics field. Jay’s goals for the future include not only perfecting his craft, but learning all aspects of it so one day he can start his own earthmoving business. We hope that when that day happens, he’ll hire some of our graduates to operate his equipment.

Jay has demonstrated courage, perseverance, and determination. He has also proven to be a great dad and a loving husband. For that and much more the committee has chosen him unanimously as a

National Heavy Equipment Operator School

Featured Graduate.

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