Earth Mover School Graduate James Stephens: March 2005

James Stephens

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James Stephens is an extremely happy man. The reasons for his happiness are quite easily deciphered. James is due to marry in the near future. A wedding is a happy time for sure. But, a newly wed with out a job is not so happy an event. James Stephens had lost his job a while back working in a warehouse. His responsibilities consisted mostly of pulling stock from the shelves and getting it ready for delivery. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, James Stephens was laid off. Some folks would take this as a disaster, James turned into an opportunity.

Prior to the warehouse gig, James was a truck driver. He drove truck for 18 and a half years. Incidentally, he received his training for his CDL from National Truck Drivers School. James was familiar with National and called the schools representative for his area. Jerry Mount came over to his house and showed James how he could achieve his dream career. Jerry helped him fill out the enrollment paperwork and soon James was on his way to Resident Training in Green Cove Springs Florida.

While at Resident Training, James was trained on a variety of heavy equipment. His favorite turned out to be the loader. He did qualify on all the equipment with little problem. His only hurdle seemed to be the landscaping exercise. James accomplished it too with the tutelage of the instructor. After graduation James went to work for Ashland Paving And Construction, Inc. (APAC®) The APAC group of companies is one of the largest transportation construction contractors in the United States, as ranked by Engineering News-Record. APAC is an industry-leading transportation construction and related materials provider; consistently leading the industry in safety, quality, integrity, environmental stewardship and operational performance, while providing customer solutions in an environment where the employees are valued and challenged. James operates out of the Fort Meyers office. His machine pictured is the Kamatsu 380 Loader. James is so impressed with APAC that he wants to stay with them until he is ready for retirement. James is now not only happy for his impending nuptials, he is happy that he has a career in heavy equipment and a job with a terrific company.

He loves the feeling he gets from controlling such a powerful machine. He also enjoys being well compensated for operating that much power safely and efficiently. National Heavy Equipment Operators School is proud of James and his accomplishments.

We award him the prestigious Graduate of the Month for March, 2005 award.

Good on you, James!!!!

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