Earth Mover School Graduate James Burrough: May 2005

James Burrough

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James Burrough is the embodiment of the American Dream. The reason for this statement will become self-evident. James has always loved heavy equipment. He played with toy loaders, dump trucks, and dozers as a young boy. As he grew older and became old enough to work, he, of course, chose heavy equipment. James toiled for years as an apprentice for a company that installed septic systems. It may not sound glamorous, but he learned his lessons well. As an apprentice, James mastered the backhoe and learned a thing or two about running a small business. He saved his money and enrolled in National Heavy Equipment Operators School. He was initially interviewed by Frank DeMarco from National’s Admissions Department. Frank screens applicants to insure quality students come to the school. After the interview, Frank highly recommended James. While at National, he perfected his backhoe skills and was introduced to dozers, excavators, loaders, and minis. The time he spent away from his home in Alabama turned out to be well worth the sacrifice.

After the training, James returned to Alabama where he started his own business. He is now the proud owner of a 2004 Case 580 Super M series 2 backhoe and a 2004 Caterpillar 257 B Multi-terrain loader. James really doesn’t totally own them yet. The bank lets him use them as long as they get their check every month. James short-term goals include getting these pieces paid for quickly so he can expand his business. It looks like James will be needing operators soon.

James enjoys a day off too. When not moving earth, he likes to hunt and fish. He is also known to park himself on the couch on Sunday and catch a football game. James is living his dream thanks to the perseverance and dedication he exhibited. National Training is happy we could help him along the road to financial independence. He has made us proud. He is our

National Heavy Equipment Operator School

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