Earth Mover School Graduate Ken Jello: May 2003

Ken Jello

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Computer consultants tend to make a lot of money. They can command impressive fees if they are really good. They work indoors and meet new people frequently. Unfortunately, many of there jobs have been exported to India and other parts outside the US. Mr. Ken Jello was a very good computer systems consultant. But with a yearning desire to be out-of-doors, he opted to pursue a life-long interest in heavy equipment. Ken contacted Frank DeMarco of National’s Admissions Department. The two gentlemen discussed career goals and training options for a spell. Frank overwhelmingly endorsed Ken’s acceptance into the earth moving training track.

Ken was luckier than some, as his family already owned a construction company. One of Ken’s desires was to learn all the equipment National Heavy Equipment Operators School offers well enough to help grow the family business. Besides, No one in India can dig a trench for pipe installation over a 1-800 number!

Ken is a bit of an artist. He exploited his musical talents to the utmost during his college days as a band member. He soon realized that playing and singing for your supper is a lot harder than Bon Jovi makes it look. So, when keeping employed in the computer consulting field became difficult, he turned to his first goal as a heavy equipment operator for a career change that had unlimited potential.

During training, Ken Jello was trained on a variety of construction equipment pieces. As with many of our students, Ken’s favorite was the excavator. His only challenging training evolution was the CDL training offered in the 5th and 6th weeks. Ken found the pace for this section a tad brisk. He did complete it and is now working in his family run business.

Ken Jello now routinely operates a myriad of bulldozers, such as the John Deere 550G, Caterpillar D4, D5, D6, and D7. He also uses Excavators made by Komatsu, Volvo, and Kobelco. Ken told us that he chose National because we had the most diverse training program. He’s right! We do! When Ken finished school he left us with a “great sense of accomplishment.” He also feels that he has the skills to take on more challenging projects.

Ken has two daughters that are all grown up now. He plans to marry soon to his fiancé Pearl. We know that Pearl will be well cared for because Ken has the skills to sustain and grow a promising career.

If you happen to be in the Orange,Connecticut area, stop in and say hey to Ken, and tell him he’s now a National Training, Inc. Featured Graduate.

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