Earth Mover School Graduate Glen Bonit: April 2004

Glen Bonit
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When a man is faced with the reality that his family must be cared for no matter what, he gets into gear. We will do almost anything that we can within the law to make sure our loved ones want for nothing. Mr. Glen Bonit recently faced this reality. Glen has a wife and two small children. His career as a construction electrician’s helper was not taking care of his family the way he wanted.

Glen enrolled in our Heavy Equipment Operators program and graduated in October of last year. Glen is now a highly skilled, highly motivated professional equipment operator. While in training he not only learned how to complete typical construction projects with bulldozers, loaders, and backhoes, he learned where the money is.

It’s unfortunate that our nation is daily risking the lives of our brave men and women in Iraq. Despite the opinions for or against us being there, we are there. It is not just the uniform services that are risking their lives to improve the future for Iraqi citizens, civilians are there too. Glen is now one of the brave civilians that has answered the call and is taking care of his family as well. Glen is now working for Braun and Roots in Baghdad, Iraq. He will be there for a year as part of a team rebuilding the infrastructure.

For Glen’s efforts, sacrifice, and risking life and limb, he is well compensated. Not only is Glen being paid well, he draws his wages tax free. With proper planning on Glen’s part, he may be able to realize the dream of owning his on earth moving company some day. Glen told us that “None of this would have been possible without NATIONAL.”

When we asked Glen if encountered any difficulties or challenges during his training with us, he simply said “no”. We are glad he had no troubles with the equipment, projects, or lasers. We would like to think Glen sailed through the school because of our terrific instructors, but, it was probably Glen’s strong desire to provide long term care for his wife and kids.

Glen operates primarily two pieces of equipment in Iraq. He is pictured here with the Terex Super-Stacker and the Case 910 Loader. “I like this gear and heavy equipment operation because it makes me think.”

We hope that Glen returns home safely to his loving family and we are grateful for his service to his country and the citizens of Iraq. Glen is a National Training Featured Graduate…congratulations.

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