Earth Mover School Graduate Genaro Espino: January 2004

Genaro Espino

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Genaro Espino had a successful career with the United States Marine Corps before his decision to learn the finer points of a heavy equipment operator. Genaro’s wife gave birth this past June and He did not want to leave his young family again as the service will have you do. So, Mr. Espino enrolled with us for a chance at a second profession. The Marine Corps footed the bill for the training and he completed it Last December.

Genaro Espino has always loved heavy equipment and now he loves getting paid to operate it. After completing the training, Genaro headed home and was hired by his hometown county. He now operates a variety of equipment for Finney County in Kansas. He is skilled in the operation of Cat, John Deere, and Case equipment.

We asked Genaro what his favorite piece of equipment was. He told us that he really doesn’t have a favorite, that he enjoys operating most all of them. “I work with more that one piece of equipment, I never get board.” “I really do not like the back-hoe much, however, it seems unstable to me.” “The nice thing about this field of work is you don’t have to run equipment you don’t like, there’s plenty of work on other equipment.”

While Genaro was in training with us, we asked him why he chose our school. He told us that our training was approved by DANTES, the Veterans Administration, and the G I Bill. He wanted all the tuition assistance he was entitled to. “No other schools I looked at were approved for this type of tuition assistance!”

When Mr. Espino is not rearranging the shape of his county, he enjoys the usual assortment of hobbies. Soccer is his favorite sport, but his focus is on church and family. With the Marine Corps behind him, he has the time to devote to these avocations.

National Training is grateful we could be involved in Mr. Espino’s training. We are also swollen with pride for the life he has made for himself and his family.

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