Earth Mover School Graduate Derrin Evans: February 2004

Derrin Evans
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National Training would like to pause and honor one of our graduates. Please meet Mr. Derrin Evans. Derrin Iis now gainfully employed in the heavy equipment industry thanks to a great start from National Training Heavy Equipment Operators School. Derrin gets paid handsomely now to operate the JCB back-hoe, New Holland skid-steer loader, Volvo loader, Caterpillar track-loader, and the John Deere combination back-hoe. Derrin enjoys being outside and actually enjoys what he does.

Derrin attended our 6 week resident training program last April. He was expertly trained to safely operate the most common construction equipment to include compact excavators and skid-steer loaders. He completed all the required elements flawlessly and garnered several job offers when he graduated. He is currently rearranging dirt for SES Tractor. His favorite part of the job is “being out doors.”

Before coming to National training for school, Derrin Evans served in the US Navy. His speacialty was Aviation Ordnanceman. Some folks refer to Aviation Ordnancemen as bullet mechanics. While it is true The Aviation Ordnanceman does work with bombs and missiles, they typically do not have to repair bullets. The civilian demand for Aviation Ordnanceman is not real high either. Derrin knew he would need to find another line of work when his enlistment ended.

Derrin Evans tried his hand as a booking agent for British Airways. Although he wasn’t happy doing this, he was good at it. He would probably still be there today if it weren’t for September 11th related layoffs. Being forced to change careers, Derrin decided to chase a boyhood dream. He quickly discovered that he could get a solid training program, job placement assistance, and tuition assistance from Dantes and the Veterans’ Administration.

Derrin has been operating construction equipment ever since graduation. His Wife Andrea and his two sons, Derrin II and Jalen, are proud of their husband and dad. Derrin will always have a job as long as he wants to. The construction industry will always need good, safe operators.

Derrin is gaining valuable experience now and will someday become the competition. He has a desire to form his own company someday. So, just maybe, if your interested in operating heavy equipment, you could become a National Inc trained operator working for Derrin Earth Works.

Congratulations Derrin, you are a National Training, Inc. featured graduate for February 2004.

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