Earth Mover School Graduate Dean Harris: March 2004

Dean Harris
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National Heavy Equipment Operators School is pleased to recognize Mr. Dean Harris as a featured graduate. We chose Dean Harris because he displayed tremendous courage in making a career change. Dean has placed a premium on his family that we salute.

Prior to becoming a gainful heavy equipment operator, Dean owned and operated his own business. Dean Harris fed his family by operating full motion simulators as an amusement for folks in places like shopping malls. Malls usually cater to the public from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM or later, 7 days a week. This left very little time for Dean to spend with his family. Dean had tried other professions too. He dabbled in general contracting and even janitorial serves. All took there toll on Dean and his family. Dean Harris had had enough of dealing with the public. He was also quite tired of not being able spend time with his loved ones.

Dean graduated from National Heavy Equipment Operators School in February of 2002. Since then he has become proficient on the care and operation of the Cat 33L Excavator, John Deere 644 Wheel Loader, Cat D 6 – 8 Bulldozers, Bobcat skid steer loaders and compact excavators, tractor-trailers, and dump trucks He acquired a basic skill set for all this equipment while with us. He has now worked his way up the food chain with JRC Construction. He is now a construction and land clearing supervisor.

We asked Dean what he liked about being a heavy equipment operator the best. He explained that he enjoyed having a job that was Monday through Friday from 7 to 4. “I enjoy being with my family and we now have fun together. Dean likes water sports the best and now, has the time and the money to pursue them. Dean’s goals for the future include “being a site supervisor earning 65,000 a year.

We wish Dean good fortune and know he will do well. He has drive, determination, excellent traning, and now, Graduate of the Month going for him.

Thanks Dean!

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