Earth Mover School Graduate James Burrough: December 2003

James Burrough

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National Training’s Heavy Equipment Operator School has some Interesting graduates from over the past couple of years that we want to share with you. Their successes and triumphs are real and presented to you for your enjoyment and encouragement. Meet Mr. James Burrough. James attended and successfully completed our Heavy Equipment Operators Program last February. James has always loved heavy equipment and the out-of-doors. He especially enjoys operating the tractor-loader-backhoe. James Burrough is pictured here with his very own 2003 Caterpillar 420 D 4 X 4, 4-in-1 Loader-backhoe, with sealed cab and air-conditioning. This ain’t you’re daddy’s backhoe.

The Cat 420D takes the backhoe loader to a new level with pilot operated joystick controls. Operator comfort is enhanced which contributes to less operator fatigue and increased productivity. With best-in-class bucket rotation, digging forces and overall backhoe lift, the 420D is everything you expect from a backhoe machine and more!

James wanted to further his operator training to be in a position to fully develop his skills as an operator as well as a businessman. James owns his own business plying his backhoe and his skills to the highest bidder. Business is good too! If James is not working it is because he doesn’t want to. “I want to continue to build and expand my business. I’ve been successful so far and want to continue that trend.”

James chose National training to hone his skills because he felt our school was the best choice for great and affordable training. Don’t believe our word, call him up when in Alabama and ask him yourself. The only thing James had a problem with during the training was not sleeping in own bed for the 4 weeks of training. We empathize with him. But, now he’s home and doing what he loves to do. “I am grateful to get the chance that few people get to do and that is operate heavy equipment.”

We agree! We also are proud to bestow graduate of the Month for December 2003 honors on James Burrough for his dedication and perseverance in the industry.

Good Luck James!!!

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