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Become an Independent Truck Driver and Owner-Operator

Illustration representing an Independent Trucker who graduated from the National Truck Driving School

If you have ever considered going into business for yourself, truck driving just might be your best choice! We have graduated hundreds of students from this course who became truck drivers working for no one but themselves.

This path is not right for everyone, but for those who want the freedom of the road AND the freedom to choose their loads, this is the course for them! It sets them up to become an Independent Truck Driver and Owner-Operator.

When you take this course at National Truck Driving School, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take the CDL exam and to drive big rigs – PLUS, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the business side that you’ll need to become an independent truck driver and owner-operator.

NTDS Offers One of the Most Comprehensive Independent Truck Driver Training Among all Truck Driving Schools

This is the most comprehensive truck driver training course in the country. It includes all the business and regulatory knowledge necessary to establish yourself as a private motor carrier, including:

  • Front ends of several semi-tractor trucksVarious types of loads and trucking services
  • Types of trucks, diesel engines, and trailers
  • Smart ways to spec and buy a truck
  • On-board computers
  • Financial responsibilities of a motor carrier
  • Conserving fuel
  • Insurance
  • Plus, plenty more topics


In this program we’ve more than doubled the number of lessons and amount of knowledge you’ll gain, compared to our CDL Preparation Program. In addition to the same 33 lessons you’ll study in that program (listed on the CDL Prep Program page – click here to see), we have packed this program with 44 more distance education lessons that cover all the essential information an independent trucker must know to operate successfully on his own.

In addition, you’ll receive the same 160 hours of hands-on training, classroom learning, and career guidance as you would in our CDL Preparation Program – during three weeks at our Training Grounds and on our 1 ¼-mile private training track.

Just think – once you complete this course, your only boss will be YOU! You’ll have no one to “report to” but yourself, and the freedom you’ll experience will make your new career in trucking all the more enjoyable – knowing that you’ve started and are successfully operating your own business.

Listed below are the 44 additional lessons included in the Independent Trucker program, over and above those included in the CDL Preparation Program.

  • An Owner-Operator’s Lifestyle
  • Auto Transporters
  • Cost and Profit
  • Defensive Driving Practices
  • Dry Freight Operations
  • Electronics Operations
  • Engine Brakes
  • Exempt Hauling
  • Fifth Wheels and Sliding Tandems
  • Fires and Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • Flatbed and Lowboy Operations
  • FMCSA Operifing Authority
  • Fuel Conservation
  • Hauling Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Material Hauler
  • History of Motor Trucks
  • Hot Shot Operation
  • Household Mover Operations
  • Insurance
  • Keeping Updated
  • Livestock Transporters
  • Minimum Levels of Financial Responsibilities for Motor Carriers
  • On-Board Computers
  • Oversize Loads
  • Owner-Operator vs. Hired Drivers
  • Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation
  • Permanent Leases
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing a Used Truck
  • Refrigerated Trailers and their Operation
  • Specking a Truck
  • Steering Systems and Alignment
  • Structure of a Trucking Company
  • Tanker Operations
  • Taxes, Licenses and Permits
  • The Future of Trucking
  • Trip Leasing
  • Truck Servicing
  • Types of Diesel Engines
  • Types of Trailers
  • Types of Trucks
  • Various Kinds of Hauls
  • Weigh Stations and DOT Inspections

To see the other 33 lessons taught in this course, along with the topics covered in the 160 hours of residential and hands-on training, please click to the CDL Preparation Course page.

Complete details of this course are contained in our Independent Trucker Program Catalog. You can preview the catalog by clicking hereclicking here, or else download a PDF version of it by clicking here.

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